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If you have any comments about this website, or you would like to see something on this site, send an email to


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My Wargames

Submission Guidelines

My Wargames needs your help to become a great resource! You can contribute in many by providing a picture for our gallery or writing an article for the website.

We are always after articles for our site, and we'd like to encourage you to give it a go. Submitting an article for publishing online is a lot easier than most people think. All you need is a great idea, a modicum of writing talent and to follow the guides below.

When submitting your work to My Wargames, you will retain full copyright for your work, and you will, of course, be fully credited for your work should we publish it. All submitted articles are unpaid. If your article is published it will have the chance of being read by hundreds of thousands of hobbyists so whilst you may not become a millionaire writing for My Wargames, kudos and fame await just around the corner!

If you are happy to continue then the next stage is to consider the subject matter and content of your submission.

The length of the article will depend on the type of article you are writing. There are no hard and fast rules on this; the average length of an article is about 2,000-3,000 words. 'Lighter' articles such as scenery making, tactics etc maybe shorter - don't muddle on to an artificial target if you've got nothing left to say as this wont do your article any good. Similarly, don't try and squeeze everything into 4,000 words if it means you are leaving out whole swathes of info. If in doubt contact us.

Once you are happy with your article it can be submitted by sending an email to, including your contribution as a .zip file containing a .doc, .pdf, and/or graphic files, and include a description of the file.

Gallery Pictures

We love to see and share pictures of your models. Whether it is a practically great paint job or a fantastic conversion please take a snap and send it in. When taking your picture think about the composition and light source and, most importantly check that the picture is in focus.

To add your pictures to the gallery, just send your pictures to Also send us your name so that we know whose name to put with the pics.