My Wargames - Introduction to Miniature Wargaming

Introduction to Miniature Wargaming

Miniature wargaming is all about two people facing each other across a battlefield, each attempting to move their models into position to fire upon their opponent's force or attack them in hand-to-hand combat. The victor is decided by a combination of skill and luck with the players rolling dice to determine whether an arrow hits or a foe is stuck down.

Miniature wargames are available from many different companies. One of the more well known companies is Games Workshop. Their games include Warhammer, The Lord of the Rings, Mordheim, Warmaster, and Bloodbowl, and each game has continued support from Games Workshop and their Specialist Games Range.


Miniature wargames can pitch anything from small warbands, to huge armies against each other, and you are their supreme commander. With many games, you paint the miniatures which you buy, to make them look spectacular on the battlefield.

Warhammer, Warmaster and the Lord of the Rings allow you to fight battles in wide open spaces with whatever terrain you like, or you can lay siege to the enemy's fortress. Mordheim allows you to fight small skirmishes in cities or towns, or anywhere else that you can think of, and Bloodbowl is the game of fantasy football.

I hope this entices you to play miniature wargames, and a link to Games Workshop is available on the links page.