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Building a Riser

This article is about making a riser for use in Mordheim or Warhammer Skirmish.
The plans can be downloaded here.

Riser You will need:

To build a riser including steps, you must assemble your blocks as shown in the plans below. Place the floor tiles onto a 0.25" thick piece of wood or foamcore, which is 11" square. This should then be mounted on top of the walls, with the 0.5" line around the edge on top of the walls. The steps should be created by stacking up steps as shown in the Dungeon Instructions on the Hirst Arts website.
If you do not want the steps, just leave the section off of the side.
When the glue is dry, you can paint it as desired.

Layer 1:
Layer 1
Layer 2:
Layer 2
Layer 3:
Layer 3